CAN communication


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This course provides a complete introduction to CAN networks, their usage and functionality, as well as laboratory exercises were the task is to setup a complete CAN network for various uses such as sending messages between nodes, adding nodes for additional purposes and finally programming the CAN network to control functions such as odometer and turning signals on a real life Volvo DIM. Once completed, the user will have a deeper understanding for the CAN bus and CAN network as well as practical experience constructing and programming nodes in such networks. 


Basic knowledge of electronics and C-programming.


  • Overview and history of the CAN bus.
  • Technical training of the physical and data-link layers.
  • Common practices and protocols on CAN in the industry.
  • Laboratory exercises for obtaining practical experience as well as a deeper understanding of the CAN bus and its applications.
  • Build your own CAN network and program it.
  • Interface your lab network with actual Volvo hardware.


The Infotiv CAN course gives the student the knowledge of how a CAN message is structured. The course also teaches the student how to build and program their very own network. The network is used to communicate with an actual instrument cluster.

Estimated completion time: 10 hrs

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