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Välkommen till Science! By Infotiv den 5 december

Vill du gå på riktigt skarpa föreläsningar om teknik? Gratis? YES! Välkommen till nästa Science! By Infotiv den 5 december.

Den här gången har vi två föreläsare. Dr Emil Alégroth som föreläser under ämnet "Scout, a tool for Augmented GUI testing" samt Dr Umar Zakir som föreläser under ämnet "Importance of Collaborations for Cybersecurity Implementation in Different Fields".

  • Tid: 5/12 kl 16.00 – 18.00
  • Mingel och fika från 15.30
  • After work på Infotivs kontor efter föredragen. Enklare mat och något gott att dricka 
  • Hybridevent: välj om du vill komma till vårt mysiga kontor eller vara med online. 
  • Anmälan och info: https://bit.ly/3TgLp1F

Emil Alégroth, Docent Dr: 

"Scout, a tool for Augmented GUI testing"


Automated GUI testing has been researched for over 30 years and has made headway in industrial practice, providing improved effectiveness and efficiency compared to manual GUI testing approaches. However, automated GUI testing is associated with several key challenges, some of which are perceived to be reasons why automated GUI testing is less common in practice compared to lower-level test approaches like unit- or API-testing.

Short Abstract of the Session:

In this talk, Dr. Emil Alégroth from Blekinge Institute of Technology, will present these core challenges, discuss their impact and describe what academia is currently working with to mitigate these challenges. This includes a demonstration of an academic tool, called Scout, which has, through research, shown to mitigate some of the aforementioned challenges.


Docent Dr. Emil Alégroth is a researcher at Blekinge Institute of Technology. He received his PhD at Chalmers University in the area of Software Engineering, focused on automated GUI-based testing with image recognition. Emil has since his PhD worked in the fields of test automation, testware smells, testing of non-functional requirements through continuous integration environments, model-based testing, metrics, decision-process improvement, human-factors in software testing and more. He has also for several years worked, formerly, as the CEO of a start-up company developing GUI-based testing and is now a technical consultant for GUI-best testing development companies.

Dr Umar Zakir Abdul Hamid, PhD, Senior Lead Strategist: 

"Importance of Collaborations for Cybersecurity Implementation in Different Fields".

Short Abstract of the Session:

With the advent of autonomous, connected, electric and shared mobility, the topic of cybersecurity for the automotive industry has been discussed continuously. In this presentation, the importance of cooperation for cybersecurity as well as the related challenges for actual implementation in various fields will be discussed.


A PhD holder, Umar has been working in the future mobility (connected and autonomous vehicle) field since 2014 with various teams in different countries and continents. Previously, he led a team of 12 engineers (of 10 different nationalities) working in the Autonomous Vehicle Software Product Development with Sensible 4, Finland. Umar is one of the recipients of the Finnish Engineering Award 2020 for his contributions to the development of all weather autonomous driving solutions with the said firm. With more than 30 scientific publications as author and editor under his belt, Umar actively participates in global automotive standardization efforts where he is a Secretary for a Society Automotive Engineers (SAE) Committee. Since the end of Summer 2021, Umar has been working as the Lead of Strategic Planning for CEVT AB in Sweden.

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