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Science! by Infotiv

Welcome to a seminar evening on the topic "Electric Vehicle Charging" at Infotiv the 28th of August. 

Our popular seminar series ”Science by Infotiv” continues and we will kick-start the fall with the exciting and relevant topic "Charging of Electric Vehicles". 

Afterwards you are invited to relax and mingle with some finger food and drinks. Start of the autumn in an educational and fun way by signing up today! 


"High power in wireless charging: the limitations and possible solutions for fast charging"

Gabriel Samuelsson

- Wireless charging expert at CEVT, China Euro Vehicle Technology. Gabriel has previously worked at the German company Qualcomm Halo, developing wireless charging systems. 

Wireless Charging have the potential to solve the most important EV issues such as: range, cost and inconvenient charging. Wireless charging and electrified roads are possible game changers for the EV adoption and autonomous vehicle charging.

• Dynamic high power wireless charging demonstrated in highway speeds on electrified roads outside Paris. 

• Convenient charging through automatic alignment parking.

• Magnetic fields in high power wireless charging

"Presentation of Cloudcharge, its offer and challenges". 

Björn Öhnell

– CEO at Cloudcharge. Cloudcharge develops systems for charging infrastructure. Björn has previously worked with power electronics in vehicles, both at Norwegian EV manufacturer Think, and at the French company Valeo.

"Onboard Solar Charging - Automotive and Marine"

Niels Jonsson

– Developer at Infotiv AB. Niels has previously worked with the Chalmers Solar Challange team and did his thesis project at Infotiv related to autonomous solar powered marine vessels.

Time: Wednesday 28 August 2019, 17.00–19.00

Location: Infotiv HQ at Västra Hamngatan 8 (Click here for map

Sign-up: Sign-up at http://bit.ly/33we6iz no later than 26th of August

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