Enable early testing with a tailor-made test system

Early iterative testing to reduce development costs is made possible by simulating systems and components that are not yet fully developed.

The demands of complex embedded systems and software products are driving up development costs. Introducing testing early in the development phase is key to keeping overall costs down. 

The challenge is to conduct tests on a component even if the maturity level of the rest of the system is low. Infotiv helps you with this, both in terms of the strategy and the actual test development as such.

We tailor your test system

Infotiv's team of skilled and experienced test system developers customizes a test system that enables early and continuous testing, regardless of whether the rest of the system is in place or not. 

Cost-effective and safe

Infotiv uses cost-effective modular hardware and components from major suppliers. Great emphasis is placed on customization to our customers' needs. We have many years of experience in delivering complete test systems, such as HIL (Hardware-in-the-loop), to a number of customers in the automotive industry and other industries. 

We offer services in:

  • Test system architecture
  • Test system development in virtual/simulated environment
  • Complete design and build of HIL testsystems
  • Consultation and support with Vector and National Instrument hardware and tools
  • Testing strategy

We help your organization build your next HIL system. We can also provide on-site support on the line as expert help in your existing test rig park. Or we can help you paint the big picture on your department's overall test strategy. Need help with test system development? Contact us!

Two Infotiv employees stand next to two HIL rigs that are being assembled.
A staff photo of Magnus de Canesie

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