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Product information is part of the product experience. Providing the right information at the right time increases user understanding and minimizes user errors.When a product is used correctly, the cost of support and complaints is reduced. It also increases the chance that the customer will buy again.

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Information analysis 

Good technology communication starts with the questions what, how and who? We help you get an overview of your target audience, technology and complexity. From start to finish - from documentation to publication. 

What is your next step towards the vision that your customers use your products with minimal training and support? Where are you today? And where do you want to be? 

Do your users get the right information in the right situation? What processes are in place and which systems and tools are best suited to your particular circumstances?  

We help you with the big picture. We identify the right tools and methods for you, making it possible to adapt the information to your target group and situation.  

At Infotiv, we work with efficient processes and a clear division of roles and responsibilities. We have done what you are facing many times before - always with satisfied customers as the end result. 

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Improving information management with cCMS

The right system support for the production of technical information depends on many factors, including:

  • number of products and variants of products
  • target groups and translation needs 
  • need for flexibility and skills.

What is cCMS?

Different types of cCMS (Component Content Management System) are often used for the production of technical information. cCMS makes information management easier by allowing you to use a single system:

  • structuring
  • organize
  • produce
  • edit
  • stockpile 
  • publish

There are many different cCMS, each with different features and functionality. However, the purpose is the same: to create and manage technical information digitally in order to create new publications in new variants and languages quickly and with high quality. 

We find the right solution for you

Infotiv has extensive experience of working with technical information in different types of systems, from documentation to publication. Both when it comes to complex sets of integrated cCMS to simpler manual flows with stand-alone text editors and layout programs.

We help you find out what is best for your business. There are many different solutions on the market and every need is unique. Together we will find a well-tailored and cost-effective solution that perfectly fits your needs.

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Training materials that work

For an optimal learning effect, we help you create materials and content that are:

  • rooted in real work tasks
  • scenario- and situation-based 
  • engaging, meaningful and motivating for the target group
  • packaged in a format adapted to the target audience and situation
  • interactive
  • based on images, animations and films
  • made to maximize learning through different feedback moments. This allows you to measure knowledge acquisition and identify knowledge gaps. 


Communicating clear messages through visualization is an art and a craft that we at Infotiv are proud to offer to our customers. 

Our illustrators and animators have long experience and a wide range of skills and create impressive work on a daily basis. 

Image-driven information has several advantages. It speeds up the acquisition of knowledge and reduces the need for translation. 

Our illustrators work on, among other things: 

  • photographs
  • illustrations 
  • 3D models  
  • moving materials such as films and animations. 

The choice of format depends on the message to be conveyed.

A slide with illustrations showing the concept of troubleshooting and repair.

Diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair

Our engineers help you develop effective strategies, methods and tools for diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairing your software, hardware and mechanical products. 

We also ensure that your support and service staff can quickly and efficiently interpret diagnostic systems and error codes in order to take the right action.

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Internally, we talk about consultants who are driven by the warm heart and deliver with the help of the sharp brain. We really like the idea that we all work as part of the same team of smart individuals who help and support each other. We also apply this within our group of designers and project managers.

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