A circuit board with electrical circuits that is an example of electrical architecture.

Architecture with a focus on modularity and scalability

Electrical architectures are the basis for a successful product. Modular and scalable solutions are needed to work with functional growth in a cost-effective way. Well-designed systems thinking keeps products and services relevant over time. 

As today's electronic systems become more complex, the demands on system design and architecture are increasing. Products and services must be user-friendly, at the forefront of technological innovation, solve the user's problems and be cost-effective.

A hand places four pieces of alpha paper one after the other. On each piece is a picture of a plant or building that grows with each piece.

Thoughtful, well-designed and scalable

Infotiv believes that the solution is well-thought-out and well-designed system solutions, where the requirement specification is allowed to develop through cooperation between all parties involved. 

At Infotiv, we advocate the development of modular and scalable hardware and software platforms that promote functional growth over time. We also care about testability, and choose to focus on creating requirements that are both realizable and testable. 

A male hand draws with an electronic pen on a virtual surface - an illustration of compliance and getting help with rules.

From need to requirement specification

At Infotiv, we have worked with system design and electrical architecture for many years and are skilled at identifying user and customer needs and then translating this into a requirement specification. Our employees are skilled specifiers, technical experts in hardware and software design. Our employees are also good team players and communicators. We offer services in:

  • Electrical architecture, system design and communication protocols
  • Requirements Definition/Management, hardware and software
  • Requirements Definiton/Management, System and Function
  • Coordination and contact with suppliers
  • HMI Specification
  • Risk analysis and EMC
  • Functional Security (ISO26262), SOTIF and Cyber Security (ISO21434)
A thread that is initially tangled, but unravels, becomes an unravelled thread and leads to a yellow bulb that symbolizes a good idea.

We help you with the big picture

Infotiv can help you develop the requirements, specify the interfaces and communication protocols, and manage the supplier contact. Or we can draw the big picture on your overall system solution. Contact us for help with systems and architecture. 

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