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Does the functional growth of your software need to increase faster? Do you want to keep development costs low but quality high? Infotiv helps you realize your next software solution in the best possible way.  

As digitalization progresses, new technologies are developed, and computers become more powerful and cheaper, the share of software in today's products and services increases. 

Offering compelling solutions to meet the needs of ever-changing industries requires a focus on functional growth to bring new solutions to market quickly. 

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We at Infotiv can help with this. Our developers have skills in the most common programming languages and tools. We have experience from industries such as: 

  • automotive
  • defense
  • medtech
  • energy
  • manufacturing industry. 
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Smart solutions that meet the right needs

Together we develop effective and smart solutions that are attractive, user-friendly and meet a clear need.

Our developers have a wide range of skills, have the opportunity to work cross-functionally and in a team format. 

Our developers know that you're not done until the code is verified, and are skilled in design, implementation, integration and verification. We offer services in:

  • Embedded systems (C, C++, Java, Python, Assembler, etc)
  • Application development for mobile devices (Android/iOS), web, databases, enterprise
  • Model-based development in Matlab Simulink, TargetLink
  • UX and UI design

Hire consultants from Infotiv as an extra resource for the line or outsource a larger work package and let Infotiv manage the work and be responsible for the complete delivery. We have the breadth and expertise to help you realize your software solution.

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