We help companies move quickly from concept to finished product. We shorten the innovation and product development process through smart consulting services and quality-assured cutting-edge technology. Welcome to a winning team! 

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From concept to finished product

The product development process in industry is accelerating. The pace is increasing and competition is getting tougher. Developing products, services and solutions at a fast pace is crucial for those who want to stay ahead of the game.

We help companies move quickly from concept to finished product. We shorten the development and innovation process through smart consulting services and quality-assured cutting-edge technology. Welcome to a winning team! 

When it comes to product development, we are used to our customers placing high demands on our ability to develop advanced technology, set the right priorities and deliver again and again. A natural part of everyday life for an "Infotivare". 

We deliver everything from CAD models to physical details (prototypes) and we have experience with a variety of manufacturing methods and materials.

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We provide a holistic solution for our customers 

We want to make life as easy as possible for our customers by offering a knowledge organization with both breadth and excellence

When you hire Infotiv for product development, you get access to qualified consulting services, experienced product developers, strategic and technical advice, and end-to-end solutions

We will help you to: 

  • improve your product development, from concept to finished product 
  • put technology in a wider context, always with the user in mind. 
  • master CAD tools, processes and methods.
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Broad expertise makes you safe 

We are often told that it is our breadth of expertise that makes us a safe and valued supplier to many of Sweden's largest companies. 

For product development to be truly successful, many sub-competencies need to be at the top of their game at all times. Here is a selection of the competencies we offer our clients:  

  • mechanical construction 
  • mission management 
  • feasibility study 
  • process optimization / preparation 
  • material knowledge 
  • attributes / product characteristics 

 We have mastered most variants of CAD, PDM and CAE systemsavailable on the market. We also have high competence in both production methods and materials

We handle everything from on-site assignments to complex development projects that we run and manage from our own offices. 

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We love both developing and communicating advanced technologies.  

We usually summarize our activities by saying that we udeveloping and communicating advanced technologies.

Even within our mechanical engineering organization, this idea permeates our activities and we see technology and communication as two closely linked areas.  

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Warm heart, sharp mind 

Internally, we talk about consultants who are driven by the warm heart and deliver with the help of the sharp brain

We really like the idea that we all work as part of the same team of smart individuals who help and support each other. We also apply this within our group of designers and project managers.  

The technical experience at Infotiv is extensive. It's also fun to work together. An Infotiv consultant is a nice person!

John Fahlnaes, Eighth House AB
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