Technical project managers with a high level of expertise in IT and product development

We have several employees who are internationally certified project managers through PMI and IPMA. Our project managers have extensive experience in both traditional and agile project work. 

At Infotiv, we manage and coordinate technical projects, as well as carry out investigations and analyses, mainly in the automotive and energy sectors. 

Our focus is on product development and IT. Our vision is to contribute to a more effective project culture. We therefore place great emphasis on leadership, communication, results and effects in the local environment. Many of our customers have an increasing need for specialist expertise. 

Areas of expertise

We have therefore chosen to develop, train and deepen specialist skills in:  

  • Technical project management  
  • IT project management 
  • Business analysis  
  • Project planning  
  • Project coordination  
  • Financial control/monitoring   
  • Surveys, analyses and feasibility studies  
  • Construction management  
  • Risk management  

How are successful technology projects created?

We are convinced that deep insights into technology, leadership and organization are essential for the success of modern technology development projects.  

Of course, developing and designing technology requires solid technical knowledge from one or more domain areas.   

Driving development requires insights, skills and experience in all aspects of leadership, both hard and soft.  

Working through an entire organization

In order to create an effective product development requires insight and understanding of how to best interact and collaborate cross-functionally within an entire organization.

We at Infotiv have made all this our business. By understanding and mastering these challenges, we become confident. And our security becomes your security too.