Two hands typing on a laptop. Above is an illustration showing big data merging into four smaller flows.

Stay ahead through data-driven development

Making evidence-based decisions will be crucial to staying ahead of the curve. We ensure that the necessary data is available, clear and easy to extract insights from.

At a time when technological developments are accelerating and more and more products and services are digitized, large amounts of data are generated. This valuable data naturally needs to be collected and managed. 

A cloud computing cloud sucks up data from an object similar to a circuit board.

We help you extract insights from your data

At Infotiv, we have extensive expertise in everything from the collection stage to converting raw data into user-friendly and accessible information. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we extract valuable insights from the data. These are necessary steps that often determine whether you are ahead of the competition or not. 

An illustration of how Big Data can be structured, from chaos to order.


Let Infotiv help you get started with data-driven development so you can make decisions based on facts instead of gut feelings. We make sure you have access to the right information at the right time. We also make sure that the valuable data collected can be interpreted and drawn conclusions from. 

We offer services in 

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Management
  • Data Science
  • ML & AI

Naturally, our employees have the right skills in the most common programming languages and tools, such as:

  • Python
  • Matlab
  • and its libraries and plugins related to data processing and algorithm development. 

Our employees are skilled programmers, knowledgeable statisticians and also lovely people who thrive in challenging environments, where teamwork and communication are key factors in developing efficient and smart solutions that meet user needs. 

A staff photo of Magnus de Canesie

Contact Magnus!

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