For 25 years, Infotiv has created safe and smart technical solutions, quickly, safely and with a sense of the whole. With both excellence and breadth, we now have a very competitive and attractive offer. With technology consultants in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm, we are the secure partner you are looking for.

Technical information

Product information is part of the product experience. Providing the right information at the right time increases user understanding and minimizes user errors.When a product is used correctly, the cost of support and complaints is reduced. It also increases the chance that the customer will buy again.

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We ensure that your system design will be attractive over time, safe to use, quality assured and fit for purpose. 

As technical products and services become increasingly complex, dependencies on other systems, components and services are created. It is therefore critical to carry out thorough preparatory work, both in terms of functional and non-functional requirements.

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Today's software products and services need to be developed quickly, cost-effectively and meet user needs without compromising quality or functionality. This goal is achieved through behaviour-, data- and test-driven software development.

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Good technology development shall be based on facts. We base our technology development on collected data. This allows us to efficiently and successfully develop products and services that meet user needs.

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As experts in testing, we advocate test-driven development and early testing of both software and hardware. Quality assurance is costly, but significant savings can be made if tests are introduced early in the development process. 

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We help companies move quickly from concept to finished product. We shorten the innovation and product development process through smart consulting services and quality-assured cutting-edge technology. Welcome to a winning team! 

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Right from the start, right to the end. Our technical project managers and quality managers help you keep a long-term focus on preventive activities, so you don't have to do costly reactive work to address quality issues.  

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