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Test system development

Many industries need to test functionality but don’t have access to complete target systems, meaning tests more often being carried out earlier in the project phase, while development schedules are often cut short.​

Infotiv’s test system developers have extensive experience of test and measurement systems from industries such as telecoms , automotive and power production, and can deliver equipment that is used for production tests or tests performed during the product’s development phase. We deliver, for example, Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) to the automotive industry and others.

Test systems are used, for example, for testing the functionality of embedded systems or for measuring quantities as a quality assurance measure when manufacturing products. 

Infotiv can deliver turnkey systems or enhance test teams with the relevant expertise for the test teams’ own development of test systems.  We use cost-effective modular hardware and components from top suppliers and use standardized constructions in both hardware and software.

We are specialized in HMI testing and have developed our own methods and tools based on machine-vision based technology. 

When carrying out overall undertakings we naturally customize the systems to your specific needs and we perform the initial start-up and train your staff at your site.