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System security & diagnostics

Life today would not work without safe, accessible electronic systems. We take them for granted and are becoming increasingly dependent on them. They are, for example, in vehicles, traffic systems, energy production, and communication systems. Even our production and manufacturing systems are increasingly controlled by electronic-based systems. Requirements for accessibility and safety are constantly increasing for these systems.

High productivity, low cost and fast delivery, is no longer a competitive advantage, but a requirement for those who manufacture electronic systems. To meet these requirements robust, secure, and reliable systems are needed.

System safety and diagnostics are two areas of expertise related to each other. Diagnostics and error handling are necessary for detecting and handling faults before they affect the security of the system or its accessibility.

Infotiv offers system security and diagnostics expertise in all phases of product development, namely the concept phase, systems development, hardware design, software design, verification and validation, and audit and evaluation phases.

Infotiv is an expert in ISO26262 system safety. We actively participate in the standardization process and represent Sweden on the international standardization committee.

We offer services in: 

  • ISO 26262 training and workshops in engineering and management levels 
  • Project management in system 
  • Validation with respect to ISO 26262 
  • System safety evaluation with respect to ISO 26262 
  • Functional safety in process, systems, software and hardware development 
  • Code Reviews 
  • Diagnostics, communication and standards 
  • System design of diagnostic features and services