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Software development

Software affects us all in everyday life, in an increasingly tangible way, because much of the development and greater functionality in our computers, handheld devices, cars and homes is done through software.

The growing need for greater functionality, an agile approach, and a desire to quickly reach out with new offerings, has resulted in a major part of product development today being done in code rather than in hardware.

If manufacturers want to quickly adapt and alter their product, it requires having a very strong grasp of the software development. You need to work with technology that speeds-up development, is easy to reuse and easy to test. This is essential for meeting the market's strict demands for constant renewal.

The software also provides a unique opportunity for putting your own spin on how the product is perceived by the end user and with its help you can maintain the same DNA through various products.

Much of today’s developments are model-based and most testing is often carried out in simulated environments, based on the models developed.

Infotiv has helped its clients with developing software for many years. We introduce the tools and methods necessary to successfully meet the quality, performance, and maintenance demands.

Infotiv also has its own in-house development team that carries out customer needs analyses and develops prototypes.

We offer services in: 

  • Embedded Software (C, C ++, Java, Assembler, Perl) 
  • Requirements Management of software 
  • Frontend (Java, HTML, Qt, C #) 
  • Embedded Linux 
  • Model-based development and code generation (Matlab / Simulink, Target Link) 
  • Interaction design and application development (Android / iOS) 
  • Prototype Design and concept development