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We understand technology because we love technology. We love to talk about technology, create technology and provide information about technology. Our offer is simple: We can streamline and help you with every stage of your product's life cycle. From development to sales and the aftermarket, in virtually every sector.

Because we have the right staff

Every innovative idea comes from an innovative person, so we ensure that we are attractive to the technical market's premier talent. When you turn to us as a customer, we offer you the best in these three categories:

  • project managers to support you with quality management, process development and technical project management
  • engineers who will help you with product development, testing and verification and developing diagnostic, repair and service methods
  • information specialists who present, explain and visualize your products.

Because we have the right tools and experience

With our wide-ranging expertise and activities in development, verification, project management and technical documentation, we can undertake both large and small projects in electronic-based systems (hardware, software, system development, etc.). We have centrally located premises in Gothenburg, Södertälje and Malmö. At our headquarters in Gothenburg, we have a private lab and proprietary technology platforms enabling rapid development of demonstrators and prototypes. We also carry out troubleshooting at the lab on a system and component level. Through our operations in China, we can outsource parts of our undertakings if this is required. We work in projects with a majority of our customers and are certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14001. Through our partners, we can also offer complete turnkey solutions in mechanics, design and calculation and through them we also offer prototyping on a larger scale. Examples of project commitments, we can undertake:

  • Concept and feasibility studies, including supplier proposals
  • System and component design
  • Quality and efficiency projects
  • Prototype & demonstrator preparation
  • Software projects
  • Code Reviews
  • Database management and telematics systems (backend/frontend)
  • App Development
  • Process development
  • Development Tools

Your challenge makes us more innovative

Now you know a bit more about how we think, what we love and what we stand for. Please feel free to put us to the test with something really difficult. Preferably something we've never done before - then you’ll know that we are the most innovative.