Measurement techniques & analysis

Taking measurements is the most common and effective procedure for finding if the desired result has been achieved. To measure correctly and to a high degree of accuracy is important within every area, from product development to assessing the finished product.

The industry is continuously facing stricter demands/specifications concerning tolerances and margins, in order to maintain a robust production. Also, stricter legislation creates an increasing demand for correct measurements with a high degree of accuracy.

At Infotiv we have taken that as our starting point and our goal is to be experts on measurement techniques. This expertise is then combined with material analysis to offer customers total solutions in measurement techniques and materials technology. Our objective is to know what we measure, that we measure correctly and that after measuring provide correct analyses of our measured data.

We specialize in two selected areas. Our work is very goal-oriented in these selected areas towards development and knowledge transfer between our consultants. These goals aim at being the leading cooperation partner in the industry, regarding measurement techniques. Our two selected areas of excellence are Calibration of Engine and Exhaust Emission Control plus the Physical Properties of Materials.