Equality policy

At Infotiv, everyone should be treated with respect and have equal opportunities and rights. We strive to be an inclusive employer where all employees' skills and potential are utilized. For us, diversity is a natural part of the business, not least because teams made up of people with different backgrounds and experiences create increased creativity and quality.

The Discrimination Act forms the basis of our work to prevent discrimination on these grounds:

  • Gender 
  • Transgender identity or expression 
  • Ethnicity 
  • Religion or other beliefs 
  • Disabilities 
  • Sexual orientation 
  • Age  

We do not accept any form of discrimination, harassment or retaliation in our operations. We strive to have a gender balance among both managers and employees.

In our workplace, this means:

  • That we have an equality group that drives the systematic work to prevent discrimination.  
  • That pay surveys are carried out annually.  
  • Compliance with the recruitment policy and procedure.
  • The manager who becomes aware of discrimination or harassment deals with the issue promptly, with the support of HR and/or the Equality Group or the Protection Committee.  
  • All employees take responsibility for speaking up when a colleague behaves inappropriately, or contacting their line manager, the Equality Group or the Safeguarding Committee.  
  • All types of threats and harassment are reported to the police.