Together we make maritime safety better!

Safer and more efficient rescue operations at sea are important, especially now in summer, when many of us take our boats out on the blue.

Eyes on Scene 2 (EOS2) is a research project that aims to do just that. An autonomous drone provides rescue crews with an overview of the situation.  

Infotiv is a partner in developing the prototype of the drone launch pad.

For three days now, we at Infotiv have participated in an inspiring and productive internal conference at the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, together with all project partners in the research project.

We were offered exciting activities and interesting lectures and also had the pleasure of taking part in degree projects linked to EOS2.

It all ended with a demo where the whole system was shown in its current form. Despite difficult wind conditions, the drone was successfully launched and was able to fly on and demonstrate control and video streaming systems.

Thank you all for three wonderful days together and for all the good that is done for maritime safety through EOS2.

At the top, a group picture with about fifteen individuals by the sea. Bottom, a picture of a miniature airplane being launched from a ramp over the sea.