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If any sector should be singled out as particularly important currently, it is the energy sector. Our commitment to solving the world’s growing energy demands centres on using the best technical solutions. Being at the technological forefront feels completely natural for us at Infotiv – especially within the energy sector.

It is obvious to anyone today that our energy supply system must be renewed and become more robust. Global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced if we are going to slow down climate change. The demand for efficient energy systems raises the bar for the entire energy sector and is forcing governments and corporations to make substantial investments in new technology, both in Sweden and the rest the world. Developments are happening rapidly! One of the areas we are following with particular interest is the automotive industry's cooperation with electricity suppliers to develop competitive electric vehicles. These are two sectors that we are actively involved in and feel very dedicated to.

NetGroup Energy Sweden

Infotiv is one of the founders of NetGroup Energy Sweden AB, whose ambition is to become the preferred supplier of consultants with technical expertise and technical project know-how for the Swedish energy sector.

How we man our projects

  • Our project managers lead and coordinate projects and carry out investigations and analyses. We can also help you run and streamline your work by adding project quality and top-of-the-range suppliers.
  • Our quality managers have significant experience from improvement projects in the nuclear industry - one of the most challenging sectors that exists.
  • Our information specialists are always willing to suggest new approaches that clarify the content of your technical information, simplify the manufacturing process and increase the understanding of your target groups. We can help you with all types of technical documentation and training material – for both instructor-led courses and e-learning.