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Automotive industry

It feels entirely natural for a leading Swedish engineering firm like Infotiv to work with all the stakeholders in the Swedish automotive industry. We’re very proud that our combined expertise in the motor vehicle sector has now taken us to China and the world's largest car market.

One of the automotive industry's greatest challenges is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, while taking into account the different needs of customers in the face of ever tougher competition. Enormous resources are being invested to convert to a transport system that is sustainable. Infotiv is working with a lot of projects to create a better environment. We’re actively participating in the industry’s development through collaborative research, business intelligence and the development of our own new applications. We follow the latest trends and willingly take innovative decisions.

Office in China

China is now the world's largest car market. Its domestic industry is rapidly expanding and it has global ambitions. Being a part of this progress is obvious to us, and therefore we have offices in both Sweden and China.

NetGroup Engineering AB

Infotiv is a partner in NetGroup Engineering AB, one of Europe's largest providers of engineering services to the automotive industry. NetGroup supplies specialist consultants and projects in all the key areas of any vehicle.

How we man our projects

  • Our project managers lead and coordinate projects and carry out investigations and analyses.
  • Our quality managers lead and streamline project quality, product quality, supplier quality and warranty management.
  • Our methodology and diagnostic engineers produce quality-assured repair and service methods and strategies for troubleshooting and verification.
  • Our development engineers have knowledge about electrical systems and embedded systems for fossil fuel, hybrid and electric vehicles. We also possess unique know-how of the standards for functional safety of electrical and electronic systems: ISO 26262 Road Vehicles - Functional Safety.
  • Our test engineers can show you how to optimally design your product so that the hardware and software features are easy to verify. We help you with automated testing, model-based verification (HIL/MIL/SIL) and machine vision technology (camera-based testing).
  • Our technical writers and illustrators create illustrations, animations, servicing information, technical training, e-learning, and can help you with the labelling and packaging for your products.