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Verification and Validation

Verification and Validation

When our client makes changes to its nuclear plants, verification and validation is key for ensuring that quality and safety demands are met. Infotiv has been tasked with coordinating and supporting project leaders and project engineers developing relevant V& V activities. We help the client live up to internal, as well as external, demands. The goal is to  find and correct any errors or omissions as early as possible.

Each project can contain one or more parts in areas such as construction, HVAC, electrics, I&C or mechanics.

The assignment includes setting up a V&V plan which describes the current project’s strategy, scope, and approach for verifying and validating the change to the plant. We also administer the demand matrixes, which list the demands for all systems, and the functions affected by the change. Finally we create a report that presents how each demand has been verified and validated. The project only ends when the report has been completed and approved.

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