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Measurement technology and materials analysis

Measurement technology and materials analysis

Infotiv’s client in the defense industry needed support with materials technology during the development and integration of mechanical subsystems for different uses, on land, at sea, and in the air.

The customer's materials group, together with Infotiv Test and Development, are responsible for advising and supporting the designers when selecting materials, setting up design attributes and verifying new materials. Infotiv also ensures that the materials meet current environmental demands.

The materials group is also working on a project where the goal is to phase out hazardous substances. The project work includes planning, testing, making an inventory of existing materials, and setting up requirement specifications. It also includes data management and documentation.

A solid background in materials science and measurement technology gives Infotiv the knowledge that is the basis for solving problems holistically. We do everything from single material analyses during fault investigations to providing recommendations for new designs.

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