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E-learning; basic vehicle electronics

E-learning; basic vehicle electronics

Infotiv has, in association with an auto industry company, designed a basic vehicle electronics e-learning course. Using simple analogies, the e-learning explains current, voltage, resistance, electrical circuits, Ohm’s law and capacity in an easily comprehensible way.    

Students get to count and measure electrical circuits and also fault-find and link up a virtual electronic breadboard – the same breadboard that they then use in the practical classroom part of the course.

The first version of e-learning was launched over 10 years ago. Hundreds of technicians around the world have used it to prepare for the practical course. This has enabled the customer to safeguard the basic knowledge of the students and cut back and streamline the classroom part of the course. Customized versions of the course are still used by many of the customer’s companies. So the investment has paid off. 

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