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Development of HIL test system

Development of HIL test system

The need to test functionality without accessing a complete target system is increasing. . At the same time development times are often being shortened.

Infotiv Test and Development has helped a player in the automotive industry meet future requirements for a test system in their testing of electronics for comfort systems. The solution was a specially developed Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) - rig consisting of software and hardware that simulates parts of, or the entire, target system.

The rig consists of generic electrical interfaces for connecting ECUs and other hardware, as well as connecting analog and digital input and output for taking measurements and for simulated stimuli. It has electronic loads to simulate engines, and a real-time PC running simulations and handling input and output. The capability to quickly switch, connect, or disconnect hardware facilitates the work considerably.

In addition to testing and verifying system requirements, the test system can be used for extended fault injections and testing scenarios that would be too risky to perform in a real target system.

Since the HIL rig is based on the same test environment as the one the test organization is already using, the result was that the test engineers were quickly productive. The test system includes support for automatization, which in turn reduces the number of repetitive tasks for users. It also shortens response times for the development team.

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