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Changes and streamlining of hardware and software

Changes and streamlining of hardware and software

Infotiv was assigned by a company in the automotive industry to handle all of the changes to its software for Safety, Security, Comfort and Driver Information. The assignment meant taking on overall responsibility for streamlining, quality and market realignment, from the change being requested to production implementation.

Thanks to our vehicle, embedded systems and project management expertise, we were able to create a team that could be rapidly integrated with the customer’s organization. To streamline communication and cooperation we set up a satellite office next to the customer’s premises, with dedicated analyses and test facilities, plus secure connections to the necessary computer networks and systems. The use of clear roles and process descriptions plus customized introduction programmes for our staff enabled us to quickly man the project and take over responsibility.

We based our work processes on Six Sigma and DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), and customized them to the customer’s product development process. Set routines for documenting the work ensured feedback to the customer and constant improvements.

Because our organization could be simply customized according to the customer’s needs, our areas of responsibility grew as the assignment progressed, which was also a good indication of how pleased the customer was with our work. 

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