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Automatic test system for road sign information

Automatic test system for road sign information

The need to test functionality without accessing a complete target system is increasing. Infotiv Test and Development has helped a company in the automotive industry meet the future requirements of automatic test systems  by testing active safety features, such as Road Sign Information (RSI).

The purpose of RSI is to make a driver aware of road signs along the road. RSI is based on information from a forward-facing camera in the car and map data from a database onboard the vehicle. RSI is able to warn the driver if the vehicle is exceeding the current speed limit, or is entering a one-way street in the wrong direction.

Infotiv Test and Development has developed an automated test system for testing in a chassis Hardware-In-the-Loop-rig (HIL). The test system includes support for automatization, which in turn reduces the number of repetitive tasks for test engineers. It also shortens response times in the design of the next car model.

As well as testing and verifying system requirements, the test system can be used for extended fault injections and testing scenarios that would be too risky to perform in a real target system.

The automatic test system has been tested on recognition of the world's various road signs, recognition in poor visibility and recognition of broken traffic signs. Parameters like old or unavailable map data and poor GPS signal have also been tested.

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