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Infotiv is certified according to ISO9001

Quality policy

Infotiv’s quality policy shall engage, stimulate and have a positive influence on our business and relations. The quality policy is based on the core values of professionalism, simplicity, confidence and development. These core values shall permeate our whole business, - goals, planning, work methods, tools, communication and improvements.


Thanks to the right expertise, high motivation and a strong will to see the work through, we deliver quality services and solutions that fulfill and often surpass the customer’s expectations. Through respect, warmth and personal attention, we lay the foundations for a professional approach at all times.


We don’t make it harder than it should be. We always strive for the simplest,  user-friendly solution. 


We create confidence through transparency, humility and integrity. We deliver what we promise, both internally and externally.


We always strive to be at the forefront. A proactive business culture and continually developing our staff, organization and services is the foundation for long-term success and competiveness.