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Science! By Infotiv 20211202

Join us for the next exciting session of Science! By Infotiv. 


"Colleague or tool? The three personas of software development bots". 


The lecture will be held in english.


Complex development activities are the baseline of competitive and modern software development. To boost productivity, software development teams delegate both complex and simple tasks to software tools with some level of agency named bots. 

Typical examples are Github co-pilot, dependabot, codecov, among many others. But, are those bots simply tools or are they members of our development team?

How do we distinguish between any automation script and a bot that contributes to software development? Our goal is to show how practitioners perceive and interact with development bots. You will learn how to classify those bots and, in turn, understand their benefits and drawbacks to your product, process and team.


Francisco Gomes is a senior lecturer at Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg (GU) with a mission to disseminate curiosity and interest in software engineering. 

Particularly, his research covers the intersection between software testing and machine learning, such as automated software testing, continuous integration and software development bots.

He also organises and supports Hackathons in GU and Chalmers to promote creativity and hands-on learning experiences, as well as to bridge practitioners and students for experience and knowledge exchange.

Take a look at this short film where Fransisco gives a summary of his research on software development bots: https://bit.ly/3n5Yb6y

  • Date: 02/12/2021
  • Time: 08.00-09.00
  • Place: Physical at Infotiv Gothenburg office + online

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